Dr. Roua is a scientist who has delved into the world of academia and research, focusing her work on molecular medicine and molecular immunology – which she received her Master’s degree and PhD on from University College London (UCL). Studying at one of the world’s top universities exposed Dr. Roua to advanced research in her field, and provided her with laboratory practice to develop her interest in immunotherapy combined with genome editing technologies.  

As the Vice Dean of Skills and Development Deanship at King Saud University (KSU), Dr. Roua is the first female to hold this position, striving to instil the same professional ethics and skills in students that she gained from her studies in the UK. In doing so, she believes students will be better equipped to meet labour market demands, ensuring that the human capital investment at KSU supports the realisation of Vision 2030 goals.

Dr. Roua was the head of the Clinical Laboratory department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences at KSU. Seeing the level of research excellence at UCL inspired her to work specifically on evaluating biosafety and biosecurity research in national laboratories to ensure they meet international standards. She credits her time at UCL in enhancing her clinical and critical thinking skills, allowing her to become a more independent researcher and successfully  author several publications in local and international scientific journals, including PLOS One.