About the BAE Systems Post-Doctoral Summer Research Programme


 This programme is no longer running  


BAE Systems Post-Doctoral Summer Research Programme enables staff at Saudi universities and other research institutes to work alongside with their UK counterparts. It introduces them to the UK research methods and facilities, and increases their knowledge of the range and quality of British higher education.

It is sponsored by BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, managed by the British Council and supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education; it is a programme unique to Saudi Arabia.

How it works

Once a researcher is nominated for the programme, they will make contact with an appropriate centre for research in the UK. The British Council can help to match research interests with relevant institutions. The researcher then makes the necessary arrangements for an 8 - 12 week attachment to the UK institution between June and September.

The individual researcher receives a grant of £5,250 (£4,250 to be paid before departure to the UK and £1,000 on submission of the final report), toward the cost of travel and other expenses related to the attachment.

Current award recipients

There have been 20 PDSR awards since 1991. In 2013 the programme included up to 25 nominees, compromising:

  • eight researchers from King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals
  • five researchers from King Saud University
  • three researchers from King Abdul-Aziz University
  • one researcher from each of the following universities: Taibah University, Umm Al-Qura University, and Qassim University

Current collaborations

The 2013 award recipients are conducting post-doctoral summer research in a number of UK institutions, including the Universities of Durham, Cranfield, Cambride, Brighton, Salford, Leeds, York, East Anglia, Westminster, Newcastle, Northumbria, Birmingham, Greenwich, Imperial College London, Buckinghamshire New University, Queen's University Belfast, and University College London.

BAE Systems Post-Doctoral Summer Research Programme outcomes

In almost every case, results from the research collaboration are published in relevant specialist journals. Other outcomes include working-groups, seminars and staff exchanges between UK and Saudi institutions.

Find out more

Please contact the British Council for information about the BAE Research Award 2016