The British Council provides learners with a rewarding and stimulating English language Learning experience. We help all learners reach their full potential by respecting them as diverse individuals, and by encouraging them to be active participants in their own learning.

As a cultural relations organisation, we aim to develop intercultural understanding as a core aspect of language learning. Our teaching and learning is aligned to our Corporate values, we build positive relationships and create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Our curricula offer continuity and progression for every learner, at whatever age they begin their English language learning with the British Council.

Our approach

In British Council classrooms, learners thrive in their language Learning because teachers:

  • set and negotiate realistic goals with and for their learners
  • inform learners of the aims and purpose of Learning activities
  • create a positive and inclusive Learning environment where learners learn with and from each other and feel confident using English in the classroom
  • make lessons engaging, personally relevant and appropriately challenging
  • help learners develop intercultural awareness and understanding
  • help learners develop a positive and persevering attitude towards their English language learning
  • use a variety of resources and technologies to meet their learners’ needs
  • help learners identify the strategies that suit them best to become successful and autonomous language learners
  • use assessment to promote and measure learning
  • give timely and constructive feedback on Learning and progress
  • encourage learners to reflect systematically and regularly upon their learning and progress.

Our purpose

The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide.

Our teachers

We recruit English language teachers with internationally recognised qualifications in English language teaching who have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop the language communication skills and learning strategies of our learners.

Our teachers receive on-going professional development and are supported by a team of academic managers in order to deliver a high quality learning experience for each learner.

A safe, secure and inclusive learning environment

We ensure that all students and families feel included, safe and valued.

We ensure that the physical and digital settings are safe and secure.

We have safeguarding, behaviour and diversity polices. The British Council has been awarded the Keeping Children Safe Certification.