The British Council does not issue apostilles, which are international legal certifications.

We can, however, provide a validation stamp on a UK education qualification certificate. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) will accept this validation stamp if you apply to them for an apostille for the certificate. (You can apply for an apostille through the FCO Legalisation Office.)

We can stamp either:

  • the original certificate (on the reverse side) or
  • a true copy

How much does it cost?

SAR 200 for stamping an original certificate (in addition to any board fees, if applicable). 

SAR 100 for stamping a true copy (original certificate should be verified before stamping true copy).

How long will it take?

Approximately 15 working days, depending on the speed of response from the UK institution.

The application process

  • Visit our office with your original education qualification certificate and ID.
  • Complete the verification request form and pay the verification fee.
  • We will contact you once we receive a confirmation of the authenticity of the degree qualification from the university.

Please note that occasionally a UK institution does not respond and it is not possible to carry out this service.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us.

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