Abdulmohsen is currently Communication Director of the Vision Realization Office (VRO) at the Ministry of Health. His passion for communications and business stems from his time studying for a Master’s degree in Creative Media from the University of Brighton, and whilst there he was able to combine both and co-found his first media platform MVR. This would be the start of his journey and pave the way for future business endeavours.

Being in a diverse city like Brighton, Abdulmohsen was able to immerse himself in social initiatives and understand the power of communication in connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. He used MVR to build a community between students in the UK, impacting their social life and experiences whilst studying there. Since then, Abdulmohsen has used his expertise in communication, content creation and event management to  work with Saudi authorities in the hope of influencing young people to contribute to Vision 2030 goals.

Recently, he was assigned to oversee the health volunteering initiative for the Ministry’s media centre amidst the pandemic. In times of need, over 100,000 volunteers were registered which had a significant impact in the country’s response to Covid-19 and resulted in the UN recognising such an achievement. Abdulmohsen credits his own volunteering and social engagement on campus in the UK as instrumental in shaping him, and wanting to do the same in Saudi Arabia. His work has been recognised by King Salman Youth Center and he participated in the global visit program, where he shared his entrepreneurship journey with young people as a way of inspiring them.