The British Council Saudi Arabia is pleased to announce the 12 finalists for the Study UK Alumni Awards 2021-22 in Saudi Arabia. The finalists were selected from over 1,500 applicants from around the world, for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders, and for their important contribution to strengthening collaborative ties between the UK and Saudi Arabia. 

Eilidh Kennedy McLean, Director of the British Council in Saudi Arabia said: ‘The Study UK Alumni Awards provide a platform for recognising and celebrating the success of Saudi alumni of UK Universities.  Their achievements are wide-ranging and inspirational, and which are directly contributing to the realisation of Vision 2030 goals and aspirations.

The finalists of the Science and Sustainability Award, which recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through through their career and achievements in the world of science and sustainability, are: 

  1. Dr. Maha Al-Mozaini - Imperial College London
  2. Dr. Layla Faqih - University of Manchester
  3. Dr. Majed Alghoribi - University of Manchester and University of Salford

The finalists of the Culture and Creativity Award, which highlights alumni who have carved a career for themselves in arts and culture, are:

  1. Dr. Faisal Al-homoud - University of Nottingham and University of Essex
  2. Dr. Raja AlGhamdi - University of Leeds
  3. Dr. Aiman Alsaeedi - University of Sheffield and University of Leeds 

The finalists of the Social Action Award, which acknowledges alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change are: 

  1. Ms.Monira Alsubaie - University College London
  2. Dr. Ali Al-Hoorie - University of Nottingham and University of Essex
  3. Dr.Sarah Alhumoud - University of Glasgow and University of Leeds

 The finalists of the Business and Innovation Award, which recognises alumni who are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities are: 

1.  Mr.Ahmed Al Harbi - Imperial College London
2.  Dr.Farhan Alshahrani - University of Oxford
3.  Dr.Bushra Alolayan - Aberystwyth University

This is the seventh year to host the Awards in Saudi Arabia and will be followed by awarding ceremonies in a further seven countries, including, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Turkey. 

Winners of Study UK Alumni Awards 2021-22 


Business and Innovation Award

The Business and Innovation award was presented to Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi, founder of the first local start-up specialising in niche petroleum services. He started his successful entrepreneurship journey with a wealth of experience gained earlier in his career where he held key managerial and technical positions with major companies. Mr. Al-Harbi is an active contributor to professional and entrepreneurial societies. His scholastic experience and opportunity to connect with prominent academic instructors aided his specialised industrial start-up’s development and sparked Ahmed's business curiosity


Science and Sustainability Award

The Science and Sustainability Award was presented to Dr. Maha Al-Mozaini a scientist who gained extensive experience in both immunology and infectious disease clinical research during her PhD programme at Imperial College. She established and is the director of "Immunocompromised Host Research." Conducting her PhD at Imperial College London under the supervision of a renowned mentor helped her build her professional and scientific skills, in addition to expanding her scientific network in the field.

Culture and Creativity Award

The Culture and Creativity Award was presented to Dr. Faisal Al-Homoud, an associate professor at Majmaah University, who has held many academic and administrative positions at different universities. Faisal has benefited from a great deal of teaching and research excellence at UK universities.  Dr. Al-Homoud’s studies have empowered him with sharp ideas and creative tools for facilitating the teaching of vocabulary and reading in the Arab world. He has conducted extensive research in reading and listening enabling him to  to introduce the first extensive reading programme into the Saudi EFL context in 2005.


Social Action award

The Social Action award was presented to Ms. Monira Al-Subaie, a faculty member in the college of Law at King Saud University who participated in the legislative development and human rights promotion in Saudi Arabia through her membership in the committee drafting the personal status bill. Ms. Al-Sabaie participated in drafting the Elderly Rights Law through her membership in the elderly committee in FAC. Studying in the UK improved Monira’s legal, research and personal skills, opening doors to her legal and social participation in her community. Ms Al.Subaie aspires to continue her participation in improving human rights legislation and raising community awareness