Dr Hanan Al--Buflasa at a EU-GCC energy network meeting
Dr Hanan (in the middle) takes part in an EU-GCC Clean Energy Network meeting.

Hanan Al-Buflasa, did an MCs and PhD in renewable energy at the University of Loughborough’s prestigious CREST research institute. She’s currently Assistant Professor at the University of Bahrain and uses her knowledge to advise everyone from governments to individuals.

“As a child I wanted to be an astronaut but then I found out I wasn’t tall enough. I didn’t let that deter me: looking up into the sky, I found a new passion, this time for the sun - thinking about its mesmerising power made me want to study renewable energy.’’

‘’I was sponsored by my employer, the University of Bahrain, to come to Loughborough and study on a full-time basis for an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology. The University of Bahrain will only send its employees to the best universities around the world, and after carefully researching renewable energy courses both inside and outside the UK, I found the MSc course offered by CREST to be the best.’’ 

‘’I am proud I had the opportunity to study renewable energy and be part of the University of Bahrain’s vision to bring renewable energy to the country. I feel passionately about raising people’s awareness to be better consumers and make small changes to move towards more sustainable lifestyles.’’

In December 2016, Hanan Al Buflasa was one of 18 participants from the Gulf region to be selected by the Windsor Leadership Trust in the UK to take part in their prestigious training programme.

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