Dr. Amel Hassan studied for her M.A. in Clinical Paediatrics at University College London and has 17 years of extensive experience in caring for children with inherited primary immunodeficiency and allergic diseases.  During this time, she also gathered extensive experience in both research and teaching. Today, she works at SIDRA Medical and Research Centre, which offers ground-breaking research, education and healthcare for women and will be the first high-tech hospital of its kind in the Middle East when it opens this year. 

Prior to this, she used to head up the Clinical Division of the Qatar Genome programme at the Qatar BioBank, where she was responsible for the strategic planning and leading the clinical team to build relationships internationally. She also worked with her team to find ways to better integrate genomic medicine into healthcare in Qatar.

She loves working with her team, sharing her vision for the future with them and helping them to achieve the department’s objectives: ‘The important thing is to listen carefully to their needs and concerns with passion. This is what empowers them to make a difference.”


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