We’re working with the UK’s Youth Sports Trust to transform the lives of young people through sports. Teachers and coaches in schools play a key role in making this happen, but across the world, they don’t always get the training and support they need. 

In Saudi Arabia, we’re partnering with the Ministry of Education to build on last year’s Youth Sports Leadership training, which ended in March 2018. The next step for our partner teachers is to move from ‘local trainer’ level to ‘national trainer’ level. You can follow their journeys using the hashtag #MakeSportHappen 

Teachers will learn how to facilitate adult learning and become ready to continually train more teachers and coaches across the country in order to spread more awareness and understanding of the special skills and techniques needed to effectively engage students with sports. The goal is ultimately to get the students to take responsibility for their own learning and development – for example, by starting an after-school club which engages younger students, thereby cascading the benefits of sports to the wider school or community. 

In the first stages, teachers and coaches are trained by the Youth Sports Trust’s network of quality-assured trainers, after which they become certified to deliver the training independently.

This year, many schools in Saudi Arabia will also have a chance to take part in the Youth Sports Awards for the first time. Learn more here 

Interested? Get in touch with Fynan Hamadah at Fynan.Hamadah@sa.britishcouncil.org to find out more about the National Trainer programme.