Would you like to get our experts advice on how to reach the IELTS score you need and how to best prepare for your test in the most efficient and effective way?

We’ve got you covered. With our IELTS support packages, you will get the chance to get the optimum support from our IELTS experts who will guide and advise you on how to best prepare for your exam to achieve your desired score. 

You can choose one of the below IELTS support packages:

Package 1: IELTS Counselling Service - 161 SAR only 

If you are a first time IELTS student and you need our professionals’ guidance to determine your current English proficiency level and to further receive a personalized study plan that will help you improve your level to reach your desired score with our available British Council preparation resources then this package is ideal for you.  

If you choose to go with this package, you will receive the following benefits:    

  1. An English level check for all IELTS exam skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)  
  2. A personalised tailor-made study plan from our IELTS counsellor that will guide you on how to achieve your desired score 
  3. Regular check-in calls with your personal counsellor to follow up on progress and answer any questions you might have with your study plan.   
  4. Further assistance and guidance on how to book* your IELTS exam and how to collect your results. 

*Exam fees of (SAR 1,130 VAT exclusive) are not included in this package.

Package 2: Flexi Package – 350 SAR instead of 710 SAR + an additional cost of 1,130 SAR for the IELTS exam

For candidates who are looking for a more intensive preparation program that would include counselling service, one-to-one tutoring English sessions, and IELTS exam booking with the flexibility to change the booked test date, then this package is the best fit. 

With this package, candidates will get a chance not only to avail an intensive preparation program but would also keep an IELTS exam booking slot with a FREE transfer (flexi service) option that would enable them to move their booking date on a FREE of charge basis.    

This package includes the following services:  

  1. British Council IELTS Counselling service  
  2. 1.5 hours of one-to-one English language tutoring provided by our Englishscore Tutor professionals 
  3. IELTS exam booking** with the flexibility of FREE date transfer within 3 months.  

** Exam fees of SAR 1,130 (VAT exclusive) will be included in this package.

Total package price =  1,480 (VAT exclusive)