Student studies with an English language expert

Course Overview

Our IELTS preparation courses have been structured to focus your time and energy on developing the skills and techniques you need to achieve your IELTS goals. We offer:

  • IELTS Writing (Academic)
  • IELTS Writing (General)
  • IELTS Speaking (both Academic and General)
  • IELTS Reading (both Academic and General)
  • IELTS Listening (both Academic and General) 
  • IELTS Reading and Listening Combined (both Academic and General Tests)

PRICE (VAT exclusive):

IELTS Preparation Course

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Total price for 3 courses
Total price (excluding VAT) SAR 1,000 SAR 900 SAR 800 SAR 2,700
Discounted Amount SAR 0 SAR 100 SAR 200 SAR 300

Course Duration & Delivery

Each course is up to 10 hours over one week. The more you study, the more you get out of the course.  Here's how to maximise the course's impact:  

  • Face to Face sessions: 2 hours per class. In total you will have 10 hours over 5 classes for one week
  • Mock Exam: You will do a mock exam and get personalized feedback on your performance. Mock exam materials provide a further 3 hours of study and feedback related tasks.
  • Self-study: Up to 8 hours over the course.  You will have tasks to complete before and after the class. You will receive personalized feedback on up to 2 exam-based assignments (Speaking and Writing)

British Council Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is highly interactive and focuses on helping you:

-          Understand and develop the skills and knowledge you need for exam success through our live lessons
-          Apply these skills and knowledge correctly through self-study and practice with the support of our expert teachers

This kind of active learning has been shown to increase both understanding and retention so you can approach your IELTS exam with confidence.