Find out what other parents say about our courses:

"My child loved the new starter level class. She couldn't read or write in English at the beginning of the course and now she can! Very impressed." - Parent of a primary young learner

 "My daughter's teacher helped her to understand and use English as a second language and as a result her grades improved in school." - Parent of a lower secondary young learner

“I shall never forget the first day my daughter came to class. She was crying and didn’t want to leave me. In a week’s time, she started waking us all up early on Saturday saying it was time to go to class!” - Primary starter parent

"My child has gained more confidence in expressing her opinions and feelings in English. Thank you." - Parent of a pre-intermediate young learner

“It’s amazing how my kids started speaking in English at home. They just love what they do in class, and sometimes they teach their younger siblings what they learnt.” - Parent of a primary starter

"The work my children do in class encourages them to think critically and creatively, and prepares them for higher education." - Parent of an upper secondary young learner