In our summer school and activity camp for children learn English in a fun, interesting and educational environment

Our English summer school for high school students (15–17) is designed around stimulating stories and real world themes. Classes consist of games and inspiring activities that motivate teenage learning and accelerating confidence as they build on their English language ability. 

The activity camp is an additional chance for teens to spend time immersed in the English language while enjoying a wide variety of exciting and relevant activities helping them to progress their learning faster.

Course overview:

Price: 2,530 SAR (Excluding VAT)

Duration: 2 weeks - excluding weekends

Levels: Beginner to Intermediate  (A0–B1)

Your child will:

  • learn with a qualified teacher, especially experienced in working with teenagers
  • develop their English alongside their peers as they have fun in a stimulating activity programme
  • learn through interesting literature, energising games and inspiring group projects 
  • increase their confidence as they progress their English Language ability.

Study options

The summer school and activity camp runs for two weeks.

The optional activity camp gives your child the opportunity for a full day of English practice, with extra sessions either before or after the summer school.

Choose from the following options:

Summer School

Our summer school courses for high school students revolve around different themes and focus on developing and extending your child’s school language curriculum. They explore the use of English in literature and other types of written text, and work towards a final presentation or piece of theatre. By the end of the course, learners are better able to understand ideas and concepts related to the course theme, and to express themselves with increased fluency, using a greater variety of vocabulary and language structures.

Activity camp

The activity camp is an optional extra for any student attending our summer school.  Your children will be immersed in an English environment, using the language in a meaningful, natural way to take part in fun and engaging projects. Typical activities include: inventing, experimenting and presenting new ideas, arts and crafts, drama, games, and storytelling.

Explore options and timetables in your city: