Assistant professor and head of Department of Physiology at the Taibah University School of Medicine in Al-Madina Al-Munawarah, Saudi Arabia & head of e-learning in the school of medicine. He is also a diabetes specialist and CEO and Board member of Madinah Diabetes Charity. 

‘Spending over five years in the University of Manchester, I harvested the power of networking. Being able to build win-win relationships and being part of teams that actually work and make a difference is the hallmark of my UK experience.’

‘In 2017, I will be working on a multi-dimensional projects for the economic development of small, rural communities, such as date farms, goat farms etc.’ 

In the long term, Moaz aspires to ignite a cultural transformation in rural areas communities and to empower them to become enterprising and work interactively generating their own sustainable economic activities

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