What is EnglishClub?

EnglishClub is an active extra-curricular programme for British Council students. It’s a great opportunity to improve your communication skills and meet more students and teachers. Each month there is a wide range of language-based, cultural and social events which can help you practise your English in a friendly, inclusive, and stimulating environment.  

Flexible English classes

Flexible English classes allow you to choose study hours according to your interest, as follows:

  • Learning Skills Classes: Be a better learner
  • Speaking classes: Improve your fluency in daily life topics and contexts so that you can use it directly
  • Business classes: Learn business English and related activities to simulate work environment and its needs
  • Grammar Doctor: Solve Grammar Problems
  • IELTS Doctor: Learn from experts how to prepare for the needed IELTS band score
  • Writing Doctor: Learn how to write for work, study and entertainment
  • Reading Doctor: Improve your reading skills and learn how to understand what you read more easily.