Give your child a headstart with inspiring English classes for kids.

Primary Plus, our English course for kids, will help your child grow in confidence to speak in English, build literacy skills & develop life skills important for success at school and in their future. We put children at the heart of everything we do. Our classes are fun, engaging and encourage children to take control of their learning. 

Inspiring. Engaging. Motivating.

 Your child will: 

  • build confidence by speaking in English about familiar topics such as their surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood
  • take part in exciting activities and group projects – exploring subjects like historical events, world citizenship and the natural world
  • develop important life skills, which prepare them for their future beyond the classroom.

Course overview

Price 2352 SAR (excluding VAT)
Duration 8 weeks
Levels Beginner to intermediate (A0 - B1)

Primary Plus Starter

Primary Plus Starter is for those 6-11 year olds whose first language has a different script to English. It offers a step-by-step pathway for learning to read and write independently, demonstrates clear and quick progress with learning the foundations of English and has fun, creative activities to develop confidence to speak in English.

Aged 6-7 years your child will:

  • find out how everyone is unique in their likes, dislikes and interests
  • recognising how daily lives can be similar or different 
  • describe their own surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood
  • be aware how to express their feelings and make life choices
  • think about the natural world and their role in caring for it

Aged 8-9 years your child will:

  • develop their imagination through storytelling
  • develop their curiosity about the natural world, from the sea to outer space   
  • think about and share ideas on how to keep happy and healthy
  • explore ways to be a good citizen 
  • reflect on their life, interests and hopes for the future.

Aged 10-11 years your child will:

  • make use of their skills and knowledge to help others 
  • explore issues affecting society and the environment to find solutions
  • find out about places, cultures, ideas and inventions
  • discover the exciting world of sport and the beauty of the arts 
  • look back on primary school and thinking about their hopes for the future.

Learn English and so much more.

 Young students on our English courses learn by getting involved in activities that interest them. Our expert teachers help them develop their English skills and also creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. Find out more about how we teach

Set your child on the path to success.

We believe parents are our partners in supporting their children’s learning. You will receive regular feedback on your child’s progress. At each age, we will assess student development in English language and core life skills. 

You will also get a log in to the Primary Plus online portal, so that your child can continue learning at home.