Build confidence in reading and pronouncing English words with super space spies Sam and Pam! This interactive storybook app offers eight stories and each story focuses on a different set of sounds. This app is designed to develop the reading skills of young learners (6-8 year-olds).

Phonics-focussed stories

Eight stories follow space spies Sam and Pam as they visit Earth and start to learn English. Each story is specially written to bring focus to English sounds. These phonics are repeated throughout the story, allowing learners to review and understand the relationship between sounds and letters.

UK phonics programme letters and sounds

LearnEnglish Kids: Phonics Stories follows UK phonics programme Letters and Sounds. Phonics sounds are grouped together logically with the simplest sounds covered first. Complexity is developed naturally with phonics sets getting progressively more difficult with each story.

Love the stories and flashcards. The Teachers’ guide is also useful.”

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