Mat Wright

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 to Thursday, 21 June 2018

British Film Institute Archive Futures Course

The British Council is delighted to present the opportunity to attend the British Film Institutes Archive Futures course for a few talented film, television and digital media archive professionals from Saudi Arabia.  If you are working in the Film, Television and Digital media industry and wish to expand your portfolio to include developing archive relevance and sustainability for the future, the BFI Archive Futures course is for you. In the short course, you will learn how to maintain collections, enhance processes and develop resources for the digital world.

Saudi residents that feel like they have the relevant experience for this course, please email your expression of interest directly to archivefutures@bfi.org.uk.  If your application is accepted by the BFI, then the British Council will support your attendance by covering the costs of your flights, accommodation and course fees*.

Please note you must be fluent in English language and have a valid visa for travel to the UK to take up this opportunity. There are very few spaces left on the course so please email the BFI by June 7th at the latest.  If in the meantime you have questions please contact our team in Saudi Arabia ksainfo@sa.britishcouncil.org

*Applicants will be expected to pay the course Fee on registration, the British Council will reimburse the participant on successful completion of the BFI Archive Futures course.

Details of the course are as follows:

Building an Audience for Archive Content

Building new audiences for archive collections is at the forefront of the BFI’s strategic and integrated approach.  Our expert team of curators, led by Robin Baker, have developed and delivered a wide range of projects across platforms that have enabled new audiences to watch, enjoy and share archive films. By attending Archive Futures you will learn how the BFI’s pioneering digitisation and public access project Britain on Film has reached a staggering 60+ million people through careful curation, meaningful connection, intelligent marketing and use of social media. As world leaders in this field this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from those implementing continued and improved access to the UK’s film heritage.

Mass Digitisation – TV and Video

To ensure preservation and access, the BFI, together with other UK partners, is embarking on a mass digitisation project that will see 100,000 videos digitised by 2022. This urgent need to preserve old video formats through digitisation is faced by many moving image archives globally. For 2018 we have refreshed Archive Futures, with an additional focus on TV and video. By attending you will gain an unrivalled, up to date understanding of how the BFI is addressing this preservation challenge.

Presentation and Collaboration

For the 2018 Archive Futures course learn how the BFI’s restoration of Shiraz: A Romance of India (1928) was turned into a landmark event, crossed new boundaries in cultural diplomacy and formed a showcase moment in the UK/India year of cultural exchange in 2017. The insightful and the precious art of breathing new life in to old films continue to bolster the BFI’s international, and creative relationships.  Archive Futures offers a proactive, integrated toolkit of approaches that can support your own projects, small to large scale.

Further information at :http://www.bfi.org.uk/archive-futures