Thursday, 16 August 2018 to Monday, 17 September 2018

Open Call for Artist/Photographer proposals 

This open call invites artists and photographers from UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain to submit proposals for new work to be included in a forthcoming exhibition project. The Place I Call Home is a touring exhibition curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery Wales, commissioned by the British Council, that uses photography and lens-based media to explore the notion of home as it relates to contemporary experiences of the Arabic diaspora living in the UK and British people living in the Gulf.

The exhibition will travel between the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain between January 2017 and March 2020. The project aims to create new opportunities to develop new artistic and cultural connections through sharing Saudi, Emirati, Omani, Bahraini, Qatari, Kuwaiti, and British culture, history and heritage. All interested candidates can direct their questions and applications to, please make sure you meet the eligibility criteria below.
Up to 12 photographers/lens-based artists will be commissioned from Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, Omani, Kuwaiti and Bahraini nationals who are currently or have recently lived in the UK and British nationals with current or recent experience of living and working in the Gulf.  

 Meet the eligibility criteria in the downloadable PDF below.